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A client-centered hypnosis practice in Lebanon NH specializing in empowering clients to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, and Live Life Confidently. Sessions are available in person and online. Group sessions, classes, workshops, and trainings are available for individuals and organizations.

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The way you feel about yourself is important to us. Developing strength is both mental and physical, and we are here to help you! We concentrate on developing your strength, stability, stamina, and flexibility to improve your body's alignment

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Kathryn Samuelson is a Psychic, Life Coach and author of the book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. She will be sharing her work and her book. 

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Redox Signaling Molecules empower your cells to work more efficiently. They amplify and clarify the signals between and within your cells so that they can better detect, repair, and replace damaged cells. If you want a healthy body, you need healthy cells. 

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Improve your circulation. Improve your health. Improve your life. BEMER is changing the way we think about our health, challenging our understanding of the human body, and empowering us to reach optimal physical condition in a natural, non-invasive way. Proper blood flow plays a critical role in our general health and BEMER can improve your circulation naturally in just 8 minutes twice a day. 

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Experience Chakradance with 8 Windows Wellness. Discover an energetic, therapeutic healing modality that is a fusion of free-style dance movement, meditation and mandala artwork along with tools for creating a more balanced life experience.

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Guided Path Wellness Is an alternative care wellness practice located in Keene, NH aimed at helping clients achieve total mind, body and soul wellness though healing from the inside out. We offer services that can not just give immediate relief but also get to the root cause of an ailment. 

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At GrassRoots Functional Medicine we partner with patients to give them the knowledge, resources, and accountability they need to optimize their health and maintain wellness in the years to come. We work to identify the "why" behind your illness. We utilize cutting edge diagnostics and testing to give you clarity on the problem so we work together to find the fastest path to resolution.

Discover the value behind a Functional Medicine approach to health and well-being

Mindset.Delta offers integrative coaching (body, mind, spirit) based on the Enneagram. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching helps people maximize their human potential with time-tested, deep methods. We help clients define and achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

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People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more! Without the need to fight gravity or take in external information, you’ll likely experience the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt.

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Advanced Laser Fat Loss knows that a common complaint of patients is that their weight contributes negatively to their health We have always provided nutritional counselling.  We recently added the Zerona Body Contouring Laser as a FDA approved method to assist in losing those unwanted and unhealthy inches. 

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At Fit Body Boot Camp, women and men with all levels of fitness are achieving the physical transformations they desire. Fit Body clients credit their success to our signature Afterburn workouts, streamlined and lifestyle-friendly nutrition, and the relentless support from our team.

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Gretchen Moulton, LLC offers a variety of services to include fitness training, nutrition plan assistance, energy healing, meditation practice, alternative mental wellness products, and more. Gretchen is a Transformation Specialist and High-Performance Coach who utilizes various aspects of alternative wellness to get her clients the results they desire.

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Magical Earth Women as part of Magical Earth Retreats provides the space and opportunity for adults and children to reconnect with mother nature. We show our participants how nature nurtures our creativity and gives us the peace and protection we yearn for in our day-to-day lives.

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At Your Inner Spark, we provide spiritual healing through forms of Reiki and intuitive guidance to help those who need assistance navigating the trials and tribulations of this life as well as past lives. We believe in a holistic approach to promote spiritual, mental and physical well being and offer our own self care products including essential oil blends, crystal bath bombs and wellness supplies.

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It Works! is a global company that rallies around a single mission: to help anyone, anywhere, change their life. Founded in 2001, we offer a variety of health, beauty, nutrition, and lifestyle products. Including the new Skinny Brew coffee, Keto Tea and Coffee and other wellness based, nutrition, skin care and health related products.

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